Syracuse Algebra Seminar

Fridays 3:30-4:25 PM, Carnegie 115

Organizers: Steven Diaz and Josh Pollitz

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A homomorphism f of commutative local rings, say S to R, has a derived fibre F (a differential graded algebra over the residue field k of R) and we say that f is Koszul if F is formal and its homology H(F) (the Tor algebra of R and k over S) is a Koszul algebra in the classical sense. I’ll explain why this is a very good definition and how it is satisfied by many many examples. The main application is the construction of explicit free resolutions over R in the presence of a Koszul homomorphism. This construction simultaneously generalises the resolutions of Priddy over a Koszul algebra, the resolutions of Shamash and Eisenbud over a complete intersection ring, and the bar resolutions of Iyengar and Burke over a Golod ring.

If you think you’ve seen similar talks before - don’t be fooled. I’ll try to give a different perspective this time.

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