My research is in commutative algebra, with a focus on its homological aspects. I have a particular interest in studying properties of commutative rings using theories of cohomological support and structures on resolutions, while drawing on ideas from a variety of other areas such as homotopy theory and representation theory. 

Below are preprints submitted for publication:

Below are my published articles

Michigan Mathematical Journal (to appear): arXiv version

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Series B (2024): arXiv version, journal version

Mathematische Zeitschrift (2023): arXiv version, journal version

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (2023): arXiv version, journal version 

Pacific Journal of Mathematics (2022): arXiv version, journal version 

 Below is my PhD thesis: (Advisors: Lucho Avramov and Mark Walker)

Thesis (2019), Digital Commons PDF


I am a coauthor of the ThickSubcategories package for Macaulay2 with Eloísa Grifo and Janina Letz. (Note: This is still under construction but available for use, click the first link.)